Chiropractic Care

The premise of Chiropractic is:

"The power that made the body heals the body."

How does Chiropractic work?

A chiropractor is primarily concerned with the spinal column because it houses and protects the most important system in the body, the Nervous System, from the skull all the way to the tailbone. The spine is comprised of  24 vertebrae, within these spinal bones resides the brain(within the skull) and the spinal cord. The central nervous sytem controls and coordinates the function of every muscle, cell, and organ in the body. The spine must be in good alignment with proper flexibility and balance for the nervous sytem to function optimally. When the spine is not in proper alignment there can be interference with the functioning of the nerves. These interferences disrupt how our bodies function and can cause many diseases and illnesses. Chiropractic adjustments restore proper alignment within the spinal column while reducing nervous sytem interference to allow the body to reach it's highest potential. 


What to expect on your first visit


All new patients and established patients returning with a new issue will receive a thorough examination to investigate the cause of their complaints. This includes a complete health history and a focused exam regarding the reason for their visit. Following the health history, a thorough examination and assessment will be performed to determine the correct intervention. If further testing is needed, those recommendations will also be made. These may include the following however are not limited to: Xrays, MRI, CT Scan, and blood and other laboratory tests. 

Treatment Methods

There are a variety of treatment methods available in our office. Spinal manipulations (Chiropractic Adjustments) are done via Activator Methods. The activator restores spinal balance gently and safely through the utilization of the handheld Activator Adjusting instrument. More doctors choose this device to deliver low-force, gentle Chiropractic adjustments. 

The Activator Method is one of the most widely researched techniques, with 23 clinical trials to support its efficacy. Activator Methods has also published hundreds of clinical and scientific peer-reviewed papers.

Other treatments that are available include massage therapy, rehab therapy which includes exercise rehabilitative programs including personalized Pilates sessions. Erchonia Cold Laser Therapy, Amethyst Biomat treatment and Functional and Lifestyle Medicine are also considered for the patient to best help them achieve their health goals!